Hating won’t do it.

Yes, I’m back again! Sorry for not blogging yesterday. Well, um, I came home pretty late, and I was pretty much too lazy to turn on the computer, much less blog. So, yeah, that’s basically why I didn’t blog yesterday. There are a couple things that I’d rant about in this post, I don’t know whether I should, or whether I’m leaking too much information, but, yeah, that’s how it is. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t blog about what I was gonna blog about. Nevermind, I’ll just skip.

Well, today hasn’t been a good day, though it’s definitely better than yesterday. But I sorta feel one step closer to what I want that needs to be done. Actually, I think I’ll end this post here. I can’t continue writing anymore. I’m sorry this is such a short post. Midyears are coming, you can probably expect these kind of posts more often.

/edit – Uh, just to give you a short update ’bout my sequel to my short story? Um, I’m still gathering ideas for the story, it should be coming up quite soon. But it’ll still be delayed, because my midyears are coming up, so I’d have to study for that. It should be about done after midyears. 🙂

Ps. It’s horrible. Yes. It is.


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