Flying won’t do it.

Right, this might actually be the last time I’m going to blog until the end of midyears. Maybe not, maybe it is. I sure do know that this weekend, I’ll be studying hard behind doors. Maybe talk to a couple of friends or something, but yes, I’m going to lock myself in the room. Maybe place my laptop outside or something. I need to takeaway all distractions. So I’ll probably not join Joanne, Denise and Evon tomorrow. Yeah. And I’ve got absolutely no idea why I’m still here blogging instead of studying, or taking my stupid nap. I wanted to take a nap before heading to my books. Hmm, I think I’ll end up studying nothing today. Which means that my schedule for the weekends for studying would basically be packed. OMG. 😦

Sigh, forget it. I shall not rant anymore about midyears or anything regarding it. ACTUALLY. I SHALL END MY RANT HERE. I’m distracted enough. See you guys soon! AND, please comment? 😦

Ps. In this nightmare, I can’t seem to find myself.


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