Drinking won’t do it.

Okay, I gotta leave home in about ten to fifteen minutes? So I’ll just leave a short post.

Yesterday was my English paper and uh, to tell you the truth, when I got to school, I wasn’t feeling scared anymore. Not a good sign. 😦 what sucked was that I think I wrote the most difficult essay for that section. God, hope I don’t lose any marks for my content!

Paper 2 was much worst than paper one. So much for giving us hope. I had three questions that I didn’t know for the cloze. Zzzzzzzz, I swear, now I’m feeling scared.

Today’s my second language paper. I hope she doesn’t come up with a fucking difficult paper? 😦 I would die!

Right… So after today’s paper, I’d have to go full out on memorizing everything for Geography, Literature and History. Oh, and also Chemistry.

I hope my brain doesn’t give out and remembers everything that I stuff inside!

Leaving now! Write again soon!


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