Like I ain’t tried it.

Right. If you can’t stand complaining, please do not read this post and probably wait for my next post or something.

What’s annoying is that there’s this classmate in school that had recently gotten a new Blackberry phone. And it’s really annoying because she couldn’t stop showing it off. And it’s a wonder to me if she’s doing this to show off to me because I used Blackberry before. Thing is, yeah, I used it before, but I didn’t show it off like she did can. Wtfuck.

Piss off man. I don’t care if you’re using a Blackberry or not because whatever you do or use, you won’t get a chance to become of a higher standard grade human. You’re just so low-class because of your attitude. It doesn’t matter when you’re using branded or not, your status will still be just as low.

Bitch, get a fucking life.


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