What is it that we’re doing?

I just read a blog that almost make me scream ‘fuck you’ so loudly that probably people downstairs can hear me, which wouldn’t really be a good thing. Considering that it’s awkward.

What I’m angry about? Remember that blogger that I always spoke about? Her blogging skills makes me wanna be more fair and less-prejudiced towards my posts and blogs.

What is really pissing me off is about how she blogs and what she blogs about. Like hi, there’s two ways to see this?

I didn’t want to talk about this, but I just help myself now. You can stop reading from here onwards if you’re not interested in anything about elections and politics. Not that I know a lot about them. I just pay attention.

In my country, the general election just passed and um, the results wasn’t what I was expecting. But it certainly wasn’t surprising. So I’ll just keep these details little.

In this blog, this blogger was speaking a lot about how the people should not be speaking to the government as if they’d owed them. Okay, um, that made a little sense. But okay, let me just continue.

What does what other people want to say have to do to you? You do not even have the say to talk to others about how they shouldn’t think this way, neither are you in any say to tell others that they shouldn’t speak as if they’ve got no problems with their government.

This is the time for people to show up, to come together to show the government what they’re not happy about. This is the right time for people to show the unhappiness that they’ve been keeping for the past five years. This is the right time to let the government know that parts or segments of the population is unhappy with what they’re doing. This is the time to let the government hear their voices.

And here you are, being as prejudiced, as sarcastic and as idiot as ever, blogging about how the government doesn’t deserve this, blogging about how people should not put their blames on the government.

Hey look, are you the government or are they the government? Are they complaining or are you complaining? Are you the one in the parliament or are they the one in parliament?

Get a fucking life. You’re a diehard supporter of the government, others are not. You can’t make them change their mind in voting for other parties instead of the government.

You can’t do that. Yes, I’m fucking pissed at this lady who’s blogging because I just can’t stand it anymore. Plus, what’s worst is that she’s
supporting for a minister that doesn’t even care for her housing or area.

If you’re still around and just finished skipping the above topic, this is something you should read. Or maybe not.

After reading this idiotic bitch’s blog, I’ve just realized something.

I always see people complaining about how people in their real lives treat them, complaining about how hard life is for them, and stuff like that. Okay, this idiotic bitch included, because of what she posts.

Right, it got me thinking. Why is it that the Internet is used as a complaining zone or complaining playground? Why is it that people blog about things that they dislike (myself included) and things that doesn’t matter to you whether you cared about it or not?

Some people just complain every shit day and it makes me wanna puke. Honestly? Why is it that we’re complaining though the net but when nobody cares, will you still try to complain?

Get a life, morons.


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