I know things always gonna change.

Yes, I’m finally back.. Finally back after four days. Well of course, as usual, there are always reasons why I don’t blog. My midyears ended on Monday. But well, what really happened after my midyears is that… I had a two days break. Hahaha, like, at lease we get a break after midyears. In any case, I had been too busy to blog while I was on my holiday. So, yeah, that basically explains why I hadn’t blogged for four days.

Anyway, yesterday I started getting my results, and well, it hasn’t really been good. Okay, I’ll speak nothing about it. Teehee. And no, I don’t have straight As. But anyway, I’ll end my blog about school.

Well, yeah, though I haven’t been blogging for a while, at lease I started writing that prequel/sequel that I’ve been talking about. Hhehe. Okay, I shall end things here. Will update soon too.

Ps. You know I believe I can fly someday.


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