Complaining won’t do it.

I apologize for not blogging for a pretty long time. Or at lease, what felt long to me. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged of something with substance and content. Well, that’s what you’re gonna get today. If you’re reading this, that is. Because my blog ain’t that popular, yes, I know that.

So the other day, my friend texted me during school hours about how boring and how annoying his class was. His school organized some lecture from outside lecturers. Well, to put it short, he was complaining to me about how boring school was for him. No, we’re not in the same school.

So, he was complaining. And I got a little annoyed because it was school hours and texting was kinda dangerous, since teachers can easily catch me texting (I’m sitting in front, for some reasons.) Under annoyed situations, I shot back a message. “don’t complain.” or something that meant that.

Nevermind. Putting it down in short words, I was gonna say that my blog title today, was inspired by that conversation I had with a friend.

Recently I realized that many people are actually feedbacking, or should I say complaining on the net. Why? I have completely no idea. But in any case, people are complaining on the net, complaining about how things wasn’t fair, complaining about things regarding their family, and stuff like that.

Yes, in the sense, I am also complaining, because I’m complaining about others complaining on the net. Wait, that makes me one of them… Which means.. I’m complaining about people like me???

Okay, that was kinda random. But yes, I’m also complaining about myself.

So. It makes me wonder, why do people complain so much? Why can’t people keep things to themselves and not complain it out loud? Hmm… It really makes me wonder.

You should think it through too. Do you rant on Twitter, Facebook or Blog?


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