Just let go.

Hello world! -waves- I’m back! Sorry, that’s lame ttm. But come again, I am back. Hasn’t been a long time since I’ve blogged, but to me, it felt kinda long to me.. Heh, guess it’s just my guilty-conscious or something.

Right, so remember a couple of months ago I wrote a short story about a guy and a pianist? The one where the pianist/female died at the end? And after posting that, I said I was gonna write a sequel or something? And then I procrastinated a lot because of the midyears and stuff? Okay, I finally got it written out. I’m feeling awesome right now. :/ (actually.. not really.)

So, yes, I’ve finally finished the ‘sequel’ that I was talkin’ about yesterday.. at… one plus in the morning, I think. I can’t remember. It could’ve even be two something. But in any case, yes, I’ve finished it. It’s not a really good one, but might be better than the other one.

I’ve just realised that I’ve typed so much, but I haven’t posted the link yet. HEHE, I’M SO SORRY. Right, just a note. When you open this link, there’ll be a tiny line at the beginning. For better experience/better ‘atmosphere’ to the story, please DO click the link. I repeat, please click that link for better ‘atmosphere’ to the story. It fits pretty much perfectly. 🙂


Right, that’s all I have for today. Have fun reading my short.


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