Failed. :/

Right, so I just blogged yesterday, which was pretty cool… Considering that I haven’t exactly blogged for a really long time and blah. But anyways, if you didn’t read my yesterday’s post and are too lazy to scroll down to check it out, I posted about my new short story, the link’s right here. So you can click on that, and it’ll link you to my new story. My friends said it isn’t bad, some said it was good, so I’d like to know your comments about my story. And no, you don’t have to create a wordpress account to comment on my entries/posts. All you have to do is just click the “Leave a comment” link, and it’ll bring you to a page where you can leave your comment. Or just click on the hyperlink that I’ve added on “Leave a comment”. Where it’s underlined.

Okay, I have completely no idea why I’ve placed such detailed instructions. But just to repeat my point again, you do not have to create a wordpress account to comment on my entries/posts. You do not have to. But anyway, now that I’ve finished my annoucement, hmm, I have no idea what to talk about right now.

I got into town this afternoon with Joanne, Evon and Denise for a supposedly book fair. Okay, I’ll probably not blog about this, because it’s kinda… weird to blog about it. :/ Nevermind, I shall skip this part.

So, right while I was halfway through blogging, and when my mom was preparing to cook dinner, my dad kinda got me to help her out. So, uh, yeah, I went to help her. And as usual, I failed at cutting the onions again. :/ God, that sucked. And my mom said really confusing stuff that she wouldn’t like, confirm with me. And right now, my mind’s still spinning. I’m not going to blog about what she said.. Cause there are certain people that I don’t wanna.. upset. Or these are some things that I don’t want people to know. So, I’m going to stop this part.

But in any case, I fail at cooking. This is for real. I fail at cooking because I can’t even cut the onions or ham properly. I’m pathetic when it comes to cutting and stuff. So for people who think that I can actually cook (because I always cook my own dinner..), I basically meant by instant noodles.

In any case, this has been a really random and lame blog. BUT. The front portion is REALLY important. So please do read it if you’ve just scanned through without looking what exactly I wrote. 🙂

This has been :(.


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