Heh, I realised I haven’t posted a video for a pretty long time… I have completely no idea why too, so don’t ask me why. LOL. But anyway, I’ve been camping at YouTube these few days, watching videos made by various Youtubers. (That’s a lie. I’ve been watching MysteryGuitarMan’s videos. :/)

But in any case, they’re still awesome all the same. Youtubers like Nigahiga, Kevjumba, and peeps like that. There are still a lot of other youtubers out there that I hadn’t watch, but well, if I’m watching Nigahiga, I’m not losing out that much. I guess. :/

So, I’ve been slacking my butt off all day today. Woke up kinda late today, have no idea why, and had wanted to get some homework done, but uh, none done. :/ That’s just pathetic ttm, for me. And I realised… that.. I’ve been getting headaches a lot these days. Anyone who has any idea why, please leave me a comment below..

Hmm… Actually. I haven’t been really active in blogging because… I don’t have anything to write about. Hmm, you can leave me a comment below to tell me if you wanna read about my opinion about something. HEHE.

Though I seriously think this doesn’t work because… uh… my blog’s… not.. popular. :/

I dislike sardines.


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