Blood moon?

Right, just a quick post through my iPod. So I’m not going to do my challenge today. Sorry.

So there was supposed to be a lunar eclipse on Wednesday night, which is two nights ago. I only saw the news on Wednesday morning, while I was eating breakfast. The real problem was actually that the lunar eclipse would happen at about three thirty in the morning my time.

So yeah, I actually stayed up and was YouTubing. And I actually felt happy when time had passed three. And seriously, I was starting to get tired.

Well, by the time I went to sleep, many people from other places of the world was looking at the blood moon already.

What really sucked about the lunar eclipse for me was that the clouds were completely covering the moon. Hence people in my country can’t see anything. It was really disappointing for me. Really disappointing. I just want to see an eclipse for once! 😦

Okay, like I said, this is really short. Haha. I’ll just end here. Will do day three soon. 🙂



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