It’s a nice cooling day.

I’m back again! Uh, sorry for not blogging yesterday. I was.. too lazy. Hehe. But anyway, today’s post would be one with more content than jokes and daily life.

The idea was given to me while I was having Geography today, and we were talking about our changing climate and environment. To be honest, I knew about this all along. Or should I say, most people who had thought a little more into it would’ve known that the Earth is slowly dying as humans continue to pollute it. Yes, indeed.

Although we’re always talking about how we should save the Earth, save the environment but hadn’t anyone thought that, if it wasn’t for us, humans, do we need to save the Earth? If it wasn’t for us humans, we wouldn’t need to save the environment because there would still be enough resources.

The average garbage that an American produces a day is 4 pounds. If we don’t produce as much garbage, would we still be in this position where we’re in now? Would we have the problem of not having enough place to throw our garbage? If it wasn’t for humans polluting the air with the technology of engines, would we be in this state right now? If it wasn’t for humans who created technology, who advanced the technology and started using electricity, would we be short of resources such as fossil fuel?

We are the people who are ruining the Earth, but many people hasn’t realised it. Yes, even me blogging now is actually a waste of resource too, as I’m charging my laptop, while blogging. But no matter what, I don’t know whether starting to save the Earth now is any useful. No matter what, people will still have to put the effort into trying to save the Earth.

I don’t know what to do without you.. 


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