Grab somebody sexy tell them hey.

Right. This should be a really short one as.. I can’t really write a long one with my iPod. So yeah, I’ll just be writing a few important points from what I had in mind.

So ever since this semester started, I realized so many changes after our seats has been changed or whatever. So, I’m pretty happy at where I’m sitting at right now, though it’s at a really awkward position where it isn’t right or left. But in any case, I did like where I sit at.

But in any case, today, I’m not complaining about my seats and stuff like that. I’m actually writing because of the changed position of my seat, and stuff.

So, as most people who knows me knows, the classmate that was originally so annoying to me had finally changed her seat, and though her noise still affects me, at lease it’s better than her being in front of me. But anyway, I’m not complaining about this classmate.

But now that I’ve changed seats, when everything could get better, another classmate comes and sit nearby and make the most annoying comments ever.

For people in my class and sits near me, I think you’ll know who I’m talking about because even someone who sits about three rows away could hear and comment back at her stupid comment. Remember now?

I know, I know. I’ve always been wanting people to stop complaining about others, but I just need to vent somewhere y’know.

I just find that.. She’s annoying. Together with the attitude that she gives. Makes me wonder why she’s in my class. :/


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