It’s not something surprising.

I was considering if I should post a video, but since I’m too lazy to even open YouTube in one of my windows, forget it, I shall not post a video. Maybe tomorrow or something. And, today’s post, is actually.. ‘requested’. LOL. Okay, fine, I will write a little of my thoughts about what happened today.

To say that today was a pretty eventful day is actually not an overstatement or an understatement. Maybe it’s true. For us students, of course. But to me, I think today.. was a pretty decent, yet interesting day. Yeah, it’s kinda a day that I found out about a few things too.

But anyway, I had to go to school earlier today for a committee meeting for a planning and stuff and, I realised something pretty surprising that I’ve never known before. I can’t tell that out here, but if you’re close to me, I’ll probably tell you if you ask me in real life. Not on MSN or anything. By real life, I meant by face to face.

But anyway. Yeah, that’s just one thing that happened really early in the morning. So after assembly and stuff, was my first class, which is Mandarin class. And something pretty big happened during class. So, I don’t know how or where that guy actually got his courage, but he actually talked back to my teacher when she scolded him.

Frankly speaking, it’s kinda the first time I’ve seen someone actually do that in school. It’s something different. Something… interesting, for once. So, yeah, and I think that guy got detention or something after that. What really happened was that this guy talked back against her, and she left the classroom for a while, to get him downstairs, so that the discipline ‘master’ can do his job, the class went BOOM, and suddenly it was extremely noisy. I don’t know what happened to my brain because at that very moment, I got a splitting headache. :/ And I really meant by a bad headache. Joanne was trying to tell me something, and I’d be like, WAIT. STOP. And I started shouting out into the class “WHO HAS PANADOL?!” Hahaha. But seriously, I was really desperate to get away from my headache. :X

That was only one part of the day. During our break, we chatted, and a lot of commotion was caused. Mostly because of Joanne. Hahaha, and also because Evon and I were teasing Joanne ’bout what she was complaining about. I totally remembered how long we were talking, and laughing that Sheryll was complaining about how loud we were. Lol. Sorry Sheryll! -bows-

After break, I had English, and it was.. pretty boring.. However, as compared to Mathematics which I had after English, the worse thing was that we had to suffer to listen to an inexperienced teacher. I find that it was boring beyond words and I couldn’t even digest what she said. How ungodly is that!?

Very soon came Art. I don’t know why in the world I’m still taking this subject, but yes, it was my last class of the day, and I swear, I’m pretty angry at my Art teacher. To put it in short and simple words, my teacher has a very narrow mind and the problem was: there wasn’t even a problem! And because of her moodswing, we had to hand in uncompleted artwork. I swear, if she fails every artwork because we didn’t complete it, it’s not our fault at all. And if she fails every paper, she’s must be very prepared to get tons of complain calls.

So yeah, basically, this is what happened today. I still find that my Art teacher is really unreasonable. Oh, on last note. Joanne, stop being a HB k? 😛

Last but not lease, w-inds. is very awesome. And I’m very obsessed with them. I can’t help it. -shrugs- They are just too awesome.


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