What will you do now?

This is a post that I’ve wanted to post a week back, but I didn’t want to spoil the whole thing about not wanting to complain. But I think, it’s pretty necessary for me to blog about this. If I continue to keep it to myself, I think I’ll end up dying sometime soon. I’d end up exploding.

When I got back to school today, I feel as if I’m returning back to jail after a weekend break. Yes, I find that school is like a jail. Why? Because that’s how the teachers are treating us! The whole problem is that teachers are so annoying that they treat the laws and government as gods. That’s the problem! Laws are fixed, but humans are flexible! We, students have human rights too. We shouldn’t be treated like slaves and teachers shouldn’t fucking force us to do things without telling us why, or ridiculous things. I swear, SGP’s education is horrible. Wtf.

Oh, on last thought. RIP Amy Winehouse.


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