Let’s get it on~

Alright, I know I know, I know I haven’t blogged for a REALLY long time. I sincerely apologise for that… It’s just that… I haven’t have any inspiration on what to blog about. To be honest, I still have nothing to blog about. :/ Okay, I’m feeling really pathetic. Being on the posting page and yet having nothing to blog about. Sigh. I’m sucha failure.

Right, school hasn’t been anything but forceful and stupid. But yesterday I was talking to a friend through Facebook chat (yeah, I still do use that. :/) and I realised that in two weeks time, we’re going to have a more or less “holiday-ed” week. I swear, I was stunned when I saw his status. I’m like, HONESTLY?!

Because technically we only have to go back to school on Wednesday. And the best part is. The following week would be our term break. So, yeah, I swear, I’m looking forward to that week. Though it’s called holidays… But the worst thing of the whole year is almost here. In about a month. It’s my endyears. The most critical papers for the year. The exam papers that will make or break you. The streaming papers.

That’s not the worst thing though. The worst thing is that my endyears are less than two months away and I’m not studying yet. :/ Crap, come to think of it. I should already start studying. Omg. Now I’m feeling the stress. Cks, I understand how you feel now. I have to stop slacking, and start doing work and revising. :/

And therefore, you can’t really blame me if I don’t blog as often. I’ll try to blog more after my endyears, and hopefully when ‘happy’ things happen. 🙂 So, for now, this is it.

I’m sorry if I’d be inactive, but don’t worry, I’ll be back, I will not abandon you. LOL. So, yeah, I need to start preparing. And um, to those having endyears, or streaming papers soon, do your best! ^^


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