Try this world with me.

“Just keep quiet, and stay here. Don’t wander around alright?” 

She couldn’t help but to keep remembering what he’d said to her seconds before he’d left. Or so she’d thought that he’d left, since he didn’t speak anymore. She couldn’t really feel her hands, neither could she feel her feets, all she could feel was that her mouth was taped, and she doesn’t know where she was. Maybe she was drugged, maybe she wasn’t. Maybe it was just her delirium. She, herself knew that her mental health had never been great, and she understands that she occasionally would hallucinate. Which was probably why she wouldn’t just jump into conclusion.

Plus, she thought, this man isn’t that bad anyway. He just has a little too rough of a voice. But other than that, he seems okay… She couldn’t confirm if she was captured, or she was just hiding in her own closet and imagining everything that she’s feeling. From there on, she had wanted her mind to stop thinking and just maybe, head to sleep for now. But her brain wouldn’t listen, and it had continued thinking about what would happen when this man returns. Would it be scary? Tensed? Relaxed? What would he do to me? 

She wants her mind to stop thinking and yet, somewhere deep in her heart, she knows that she wanted to continue thinking.

Okay. I have no idea what that was about. But. Yeah, it just got to me like, suddenly. But anyway. Uh. Don’t ask me where this is going. Or whether I’ll continue it. Cause I have completely no idea where this is going, and have really no idea what I was typing. I was just typing whatever comes into mind. So… yeah.

I’ll try to blog soon. But maybe there’ll be more of these posts soon. Because I just have NO idea what to blog about. So it’s just really relying on my thoughts…

Come with me tonight~ 


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