Whoa! It’s been a really really long time since I’ve last blogged! It’s scary how I haven’t blogged for so many days, cause I’ve always been pretty active with blogging no matter how busy I am.

I sincerely apologise for not blogging for so long! I’ve just been pretty busy with everything coming back after my second term break. I’ve been really busy with homework, choir, and getting back my voice. LOL. Right, my throat hasn’t been at top shape ever since school reopened after my one month break. :O Seriously though, I miss my power voice! :O

So, I’ve decided to blog a more content-filled post today. So many things happened today…

Today, school ended at the official time. I think… there was something going on tomorrow and they’ll be preparing for it. Oh well, I think it isn’t that different since my Fridays has never really been long. Hehehe. That’s a good thing, by the way.

However though, today was a looooong day because.. I went out with the girls today! It was pretty fun! Even though I was pretty bored while they were dancing their kpop songs, but I went to somewhere new and found somewhere that sells interesting stuff! I think I would’ve been broke if I had the money and no discipline. Hahahaha.

ANDANDAND! I’ve also found an awesome CD shop that sells w-inds. discs! ^^!! I practically went crazy when I saw the discs at the shelves! I almost wanted to take all the available albums and buy them all! But I’m broke. Whoa, luckily I didn’t have a lot of money in my wallet, or it would probably have been gone already. :O

HOWEVER THOUGH, I won’t regret buying w-inds. CDs! I really don’t own anything by them. 😦 Though I seriously want them all! 😦 So, yeah, I think I’m going to buy their album next week after I get my pocketmoney. Teehee! 😛

Hehehe, alright, I think if I continue blogging anymore, I’ll end up typing all about w-inds. ^^ Heehee, I’m so obsessed with w-inds. Hehehe, they’re so awesome. 🙂

#threewords: Keita, Ryuichi, Ryohei. ❤


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  1. $26.90? That’s not in US/CAN dollars, is it. Otherwise that would be outrageously cheap. Haha! But I’m glad you were able to find their CDs at HMV.
    And thanks for reading and supporting my blog. In return, I’m looking through yours now. =)

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