The difference is huge.

It’s Sunday night and I’m not sleeping but I’m blogging! Oh yeaaaaaaaaah! ^^ Hehe, yeah, the only reason why I can be blogging right now on Sunday night because tomorrow’s (technically, it’s today..) because Saturday was the Singapore Presidential Elections. And tomorrow’s like a holiday-in-lieu for the voting day. Yeap, that’s basically why I’m online right now. 🙂

In actual fact, I think my post tonight’s gonna be political. Hahah. Basically, yesterday’s election was between four candidates and the fight was truly between two people. I don’t think I’m gonna mention names. However though, I’m pretty disappointed that Tony Tan has become Singapore’s new president. I’m still really disappointed. :/ I seriously was hoping for Tan Cheng Bock to win. Sadly, he lost by about 7k votes. 😦

Last night, probably the whole Singapore was waiting for the results to be annoucned by the Returning Officer, Yam Ah Mee (which is also the same man that announced the results for the General Elections earlier this year), and yet at two something, it was announced that there was a recount in votes. That was when most people had gone to sleep because it was two something and the recount would possibly take two to three hours.

The really disappointing thing was that.. Today, when Singaporeans (who didn’t support Tony Tan) woke up in the morning, they got a slap in the face that told them “Tony Tan’s now the president of Singapore! Take that!” when they saw the news about the results of the elections. I got the news earlier, before I slept, because I knew that Dr. Tan Cheng Bock had been the one who had requested the recount of votes.

In any case, yes, this is what my post’s about. But in any case, I hope Dr. Tony Tan does a good job in being the president of Singapore.

Alright, I’m going to sleep now, nightz peeps. 🙂

#nothingwrongwith being obsessed with w-inds. ❤


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