You and I have a destiny~

It’s been… a week since I’ve blogged? Hehehe, I’ve been really busy and lazy to blog! I’m sincerely apologizing right now! Though truthfully speaking now, I have no idea what to blog about too. Hehehe!

Well, it’s um, Saturday morning already, though I’m still in the Friday mood. Hahaha! Oh anyway, um, this week’s been a really “slacky” and lazy week, since we didn’t have school on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. And there weren’t much homework, so I’m really slacking my butt off at home right now. Hahaha.

Um, so… hmm, let me start from Wednesday? Returned to school for school. It was… kinda boring throughout the day, since Wednesday has always been the ‘moodiest’ day of the week for me ever since there was the new timetable. But anyway, I survived through the.. ten hours at school? Well, I can’t really remember what happened on Wednesday. I only remember during lunch, something kinda amusing happened. Lol. Not gonna mention it here though. ^^

Hmm, okay, that’s Wed. Um, Thursday was.. kinda busy, and a little boring. :O Schools celebrated Teachers’ Day, and um, Choir performed for the ‘concert’ that my school ‘hosted’. I swear it was boring. :O Our music room was so noisy that I actually left the room to get some peace and quiet. Lol. Yeah, after that, um, -skipping a big chunk of what happened-, I went out with Fiona downtown to get my w-inds. CD. XD Finally got it! ^^ -trying to contain excitement!-

Hahahah, yeah, went out with Fiona, like finally! Caught up a lot about things that happened since the last time we hung out together. ^^ I swear I like going out with Fiona! 😀

Now I’m stuck. I have no idea what to talk about now. Hahaha! 😛

Today… I slacked through the day… Practically slacked through the day… Totally relaxing with w-inds.’ songs. 😀 And um, yeah, went out in the evening to meet up with my crazy friends for hiphop class. 😀 Today’s lesson was totally fun. Kinda looking forward to next week’s! (last week.. was… pretty horrible. Hahaha.) Lol. (I was singing Re:vision and Rain is Fallin’ while in the train. LOL.)

Alright! I shall stop here! I think I’m boring all of you reading this. Hehehe.

#nowplaying Re:vision, w-inds.


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