My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you so listen close.

Alright alright, I’m blogging now! Yes, yet again, I apologise for not blogging as often. Well, I’m actually too lazy to study, which is why I’m here. 😛 Sorry!

Actually, I realised something really weird. I’m always too lazy to blog.. But I like reading other people’s blog. Why do I say it’s weird? Okay, I shall ‘analyse’ it for you.

Blog, is often mentioned as a internet diary.

Right. So if a blog is an internet diary, which consist of the word diary, which basically meant ‘secret things only’, why do people still post such personal things on blogs? And… In real life, well, if you do write a diary, you wouldn’t want people to read your blog right? However, why is it that when we’re in the ‘internet world’, we don’t exactly mind?

That’s actually why I find it weird… You see, um, blogs are open to the public yeah? But yet blogs are mentioned as internet diaries.. While diaries mainly are not for people to read. It’s weird how people just goes around reading blogs. Why’s it that people get so happy when others read their blog, but get super angry when others read their diaries?

Technically it’s two different things right? But… people to practically treat their blogs as their diary. And… People also do get angry when others critisize about what you blog, and what isn’t right in blogs. Why’s that?

A lot of times when I see such things happen, or should I say, when it happens to me, I’d end up getting angry. Because on the internet, it’s really really annoying to see people posting nasty comments. (Wait… Why has the topic completely changed? o.o)

Well! For the simplest example that I can think of. People always critisize a certain blogger in SG that her posts are very stupid, and that she’s an Asian wanting to be White. To tell you the truth, when I read the way she reacts to them, she isn’t wrong. But those people aren’t wrong too.

They’re just expressing their comments on ‘you’. So exactly.. who’s at fault here? o.o

I’m afraid.. this question doesn’t seem to be answerable.. considering that people have their rights to say what they like. And that we can’t exactly control what others comment.

So, in actual fact, I think the only way to settle all these.. is to ignore. It’s just like on Facebook. Well, because of Facebook, the world really feels smaller. But honestly, if you’re the type of Facebook-er that adds everyone, well, you’ve got to know that you’re always bound to be bombarded by nasty comments.

This is.. the risk of telling too much to the world.


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