Take me by the hand~

Alright, if you can’t stand random posts, please just skip this. I’m feeling freaking random and … kinda happy right now, and yeah, I’m gonna… rant and start typing rubbish that might not make sense. Lol.

So… I saw an entry that a friend wrote on her blog. Well, I’ve got to say, it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how exactly have I ended up ‘finding’ myself. I remember a couple of years back, okay, maybe just two years ago? I was kinda.. depressed. Depressed about.. idk? Things I guess? I can’t remember. LOL.

Well, what I knew it.. or should I say, what I can remember is that I was kinda… emotionally tired about showing the happy side to people, and having the emotional and sad side when I’m alone. Lol, yeah, not that that’s not happening now. Just… kinda seldom. It feels as if I haven’t emo-ed for a long time. Hahahaha. Wtheck, I’m thinking right now, how’s that even possible. LOL.

K seriously though, I think people like Joanne will say that it’s not true. But honestly though, the number of times that I’ve emo-ed has definitely lessened.

But no matter what, whether or not you feel ‘fake’ among your friends while you’re out hanging out, or you feel… ‘real’ when you’re alone, just remember to have fun and let loose. Sometimes, you feel ‘real’ when you’re alone is because you’re suddenly too conscious about everything. And because of that, you end up losing that.. happy feeling. Sometimes, all you gotta do is just let loose, think of any random things that happened through the day, anything funny, and in the end, you’ll be smiling. ^^

Hahah, I hope. Cause that’s… probably how things works for me.

I was texting another friend the other night. Something about having the lion inside and hiding it/taming it. Well, okay, that’s just random and totally no link. 😛

So. Just let loose, have fun, and you’re on your way to finding yourself. ^^

I seriously hope I made sense. 😛 This was typed in… idk, seven minutes? Hahaha. Quick post anyway~


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