Is that selfishness, or just giving up?

Well, you have to read this post first before you read the post that’s below this. Simply because I’ll mention what the password is here. Hahaha, I just find that putting a password seems… safer. LOL. And it’s more fun. 😛

Okay, so, today, we got back a couple of our results from the papers that I was busy with. And, it was really good for some people, and not that good for others. For me, it’s just… plain zzz. Why? Because my results isn’t fantastic, neither is it very bad. Only thing is, I’m just disappointed with it.

That’s just insignificant. This post is about something else, and not about how I scored, or how people scored. Nah, I’m not going to talk about that.

Earlier today, while at school, I interrupted a chat between my friends about something that I was paying attention, but her answer got me thinking. It got me thinking if her mindset was selfish, or just simply giving up hope on a certain friend.

For my friends and I, we were talking about being one or two marks away from A, or B. But for a couple of classmates of mine, they were really upset because they failed. Honestly, when I saw their sad teary eyes, I didn’t feel quite good. I was complaining about how I was one mark away from an A, and yet my friends are upset that they’re really close to passing. Prolly you could say that I felt sad for them.

And I actually heard from a friend that she didn’t care that she was complaining about her damn marks so loudly. Because to me, I just find that, to them, it’s sad enough not passing, and to provoke them by letting hear that people are getting upset because they’re away from A, it’ll just make them sadder.

That got me thinking, if that friend of mine, was just plain selfish, didn’t give a fucking damn and wanted to make them feel sadder/badder, or she just don’t bother to care anymore.

Okay, I shall talk no more about this friend. But anyway,

To people who didn’t do well, just cheer up. What’s done can’t be undone.

The password, is the full-length word of what was represented by ‘LOL’. 


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