Rest In Peace.

This is a tribute post to my math teacher when I was in primary one. This may be an emotional post. I apologise if it’s boring. And, the events that I posted, are through my memory, and these days, it’s pretty screwed. 

When I was in primary one, I didn’t like my math teacher. At that point, I had thought my math teacher as a old, fat woman with a big mole on her face. Frankly though, now, I really regret it.

At that point in time, I actually disliked my math teacher because she was a very fierce and picky teacher, and that she was always scolding people. If I didn’t remember wrongly, I remember that before her lessons, we always have to put our bags on the floor instead of on our chairs behind our backs. I couldn’t remember if she was one of the teachers that asked us to do that… I think so though. (Forgive me for my bad memory. This may not be right.) 

I also remember that she used to scold us really fiercely for not bringing homework. Yeah, though that’s only right, but when students saw other students get scolding, yeah, we do get angry at the teachers too.

However, as much as I disliked her in the past, the things that I remember about her aren’t all bad. In fact, there is one very incident that has left a really great impression on me. Up until now, after so many years, I still remember what she had said about me.

You see, back then, I had a domestic helper in my home, and she always helps me braid my hair nicely and neatly for school. I still remember back then, I didn’t really care what my maid did with my hair, because she always made it look good. Haha.

Back to my original point…. I still remember that day, I had math lessons after recess, and I remember my math teacher scolding some of the girls about their hair, talking about how messy it is. Probably because they were all having fun and catching each other during recess. Then my teacher looked down the row, and saw me, and probably my hair, and praised me for the neatness of my hair. If I didn’t remember wrongly, she also mentioned that she has never seen my hair messy.

Yeah, it was all in the past, but it has definitely left a very deep impression on me. That compliment that she made had actually made my impression towards her different. Ever since then, I started enjoying her lessons more, and right now, I realise that she’s such a good teacher that allows everyone to score the best they’re capable of.

Even though students, including myself, always hate teachers that are fierce, but sometimes we just gotta admit that fierce teachers are always good teachers. Unless they’re fierce and can’t teach anything. (Yeah, there was one of such teacher back in my primary school, but I think she’s gone now.)

My math teacher, a very fierce teacher, was a great teacher that had influenced many of her students.

I cannot believe that such a wonderful woman had left this world, however, I believe, she will never be forgotten by the students that she had taught, and the staff that she had worked with, and of course, her family and relatives.

Mrs Lee, thank you for showing me what good teachers are supposed to be like, and thank you for being a great teacher to all of your students. I’m blessed to be one of your student.

Mrs Lee, rest in peace. You’ll always be remembered in our minds, hearts and souls.


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