But it is not so easy.

Hehehe, because there wasn’t school today, I think I spent like twenty four hours watching this Hong Kong series that I started only yesterday morning. Yeah, like my friend said, I totally rushed through the whole show. Hahaha. But I guess it’s kinda worth it, I like spending my weekends like that, though it kinda tires my body out, since I probably only got six hours of sleep (at the most).

However, the whole point of my post is not about what I did. Hahaha, I was eating breakfast this morning and I remembered a show that my teacher showed us. It was about an poor old woman, living with two pretty useless children (already adults). After watching that show, it makes me realize how important it is to make sure that we finish every piece of food that we get.

Yes, we’re very fortunate, and probably have never tried being hungry for a day or two, without any choices. (since people actually do starve themselves to ‘torture’ themselves.) And there are people on other parts of the world that can’t have meals for three days. It’s sad, and that’s why we have to appreciate what we have. We have to appreciate the food that we get and the clothes that we have the money to buy.

I don’t know what’s the point of my post today, but I guess I just want to spread the news that we have to cherish what we have before it’s all gone.

I hope this post makes sense, because I’m watching television, and my mind is not entirely focused as I post this. Sorry. 🙂

Gonna make my success story.


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