Just give me the chance to.

Alright. I’m back after um, a weekend? Sorry I haven’t blogged. It’s just that I haven’t been on the computer a lot because I wasn’t in town this weekend, and I don’t think I used the computer on friday..? Yeah, so I’ve been pretty busy.

And I’ve been especially busy preparing for my trip on thursday. I might blog, I might not… Maybe I’ll schedule posts, but I doubt so. Hehehe, sry I’m lazy. 😛

Well, uh, yesterday, The Wanted released an amazing album called Battleground. The songs are just absolutely amazing that I actually like them all. (not to mention it’s normally pretty hard for me to like all the songs in an album.)

Hehehe, you should totally listen to their new album. ❤

So, yeah, this is about it. ^_^ ah, it’s year break and I still need to freaking go back to school tomorrow. And I don’t get lunch too. Dammit!



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