I’m on my own and the road is long.

I would’ve put up Warzone’s MV if it had been released already. But it hasn’t! And I’m really excited about it! Hehehe! 😀 But anyway, um, yeah, I’m excited about a video that would be uploaded at… what, 9am UK time? So I’ll still have to wait for a couple of hours before it’s released. Man, I can’t stop thinking about The Wanted’s Battleground’s tracks. Gawd, I can’t stop thinking about all the songs, and I’ve been listening to it these days, and I think I’m addicted to the songs already. Hehehe. 😛

Kk, I better stop blogging about the album or I think people, if there’s any, would get bored. LOL. Right, I’m leaving town tonight. Hehehe, I’m eggcited! Hahaha, I’ll try to blog if I have wifi and the chance to. But I reckon that I’ll be too bored or too busy to find time to blog. So, yeah, I’ll be MIA for the rest of the week. Hehehe. I shall end here.

Turn the lights down now. Now I’ll take you by the hand, hand you another drink, drink it if you can. Can you spend a little time? Time is slipping away. Away from us so stay, stay with me I can make, make you glad you came. #TWGladYouCame.


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