Imma back!!

Alright, I’m finally back! I haven’t used the internet for about six days, not including yesterday, where I had actually already started using my phone for twitter. 😛 But in any case, I’m back from Japan! I swear Japan is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to so far! My goodness, and together with the crowd of people who was with me the whole time, thanks for making it such a fun experience! XD

I’ll try to keep my post short, because I think once I start talking about my days, I think I won’t be able to stop anymore. 😛 I totally don’t regret going for this trip, in fact, I loved it! I miss Japan right now, seriously. Especially the awesome food and the weather. 😛 And I’ve took so many pictures! LOL. I have like, a thousand plus photos! I’ll pick out some and post them.

Um, I think words can’t complete my thoughts right now, so I’ll just post a couple of the more awesome photos. 🙂 Enjoy! LOL.

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