Just maybe I’ll understand you.

I’m back from MIA-ing from blogging. Sorry peepz, I’ve just been busy with watching shows. Hehehe, but now that I’ve finished watching the one that I had been watching, I’m back again! Hehehe. 😛

Okay, you see, it’s the year break now, and uh, I just can’t come up with anything to blog about. 😛 Because when it’s the year breaks, I’m more or less always at home, leading a very boring life. Hehehehe. So yeah, I’m pretty much living a really boring life now, and I have nothing else better to do, and nothing else better to blog about. Hehehe.

Yeah, before school ended, everyone was hoping to get jobs. Some got jobs, but others just hang out with their friends a lot. LOL. So, uh, I guess all plans are ruined? My plans are always to stay at home. LOL. But anyway, um, I guess that’s all I’m gonna talk about? LOL, I have nothing else better to say. I’m bored. :/ And I’m watching MTV. It’s boring! Every two songs, there’ll be an advertisement. Wts, it annoys me. I’m watching MTV to listen to songs and watch MVs, not to watch stupid advertisements or any stupid shows like Teen Cribs or whatever. -_______-

And with the MAMA 2011 coming up, my twitter timeline’s been filled with floods about it. -_-

Oh, and I’ve been staying at home, watching Nickelodeon, which I mainly only watch Fairly Odd Parents. 😛 Yeap, I admit, I’m too old for Fairly Odd Parents. LOL. But ah, who cares, it’s always alright to relive my childhood. Hehehehe. Oh, okay, anyway, I’ve finished those potato stuff that I bought from Japan. Hehehe, it tastes freaking awesome. 😛 I shall go and find something similar at the supermarket soon. Teehee.

Okay, I shall stop blogging here. Or I’ll be really really random. LOL. Seeya sooooooooon. 😀

Just maybe I’ll understand you, just give me the chance to love you more than you’ll ever know, even if it means I gotta let you go.


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