Alright I’m back. Well, somebody asked if I blogged, but obviously I hadn’t…. Hehehe, sorry, it’s not exactly my fault that I’m too bored everyday that I just can’t put any mood into blogging. Hehehe.

Well, I went to watch Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on Sunday with Fiona. Well, I have to admit, it isn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly impressive. Um, because I thought that they’ve skipped much too many parts from the book. And while I was watching it, I was seriously pondering if the wolf pack had actually attacked the Cullens. Which to be exact, as to what I remembered, nope, they didn’t. And, the conversation between Jared and Jacob was much longer than what was in the book. And I was telling Fiona, “if anybody in this cinema didn’t read the book and is watching is, they’d be so lost.” Um, well, at lease that was what I thought. And I was hoping for more werewolf scenes. -_- Forget it, I can’t expect too much ay. After the movie, while I was talking about it, Fiona was like, “If they follow the book, I think it’ll take 5 hours.” I was totally laughing. Hahaha.

However, even though the movie wasn’t impressive, I thought the soundtrack was pretty decent. I thought it was actually better than the past Twilight Saga movies. Oh, not to mention the effects that were put in when Bella changed into a vampire. Those effects were pretty decent ay.

But as usual, in every Twilight Saga movie, I’ll always end up encountering some inconsiderate girls, that always talk too much during the movie. Not only do they talk too much, they also talk really loudly. -_- Don’t you people have some self-control and stop spoiling the movie for others?! Omg. I was so annoyed by the bunch of girls next to us.

Oh, anyway, um, yeah, here’s my post. I can’t think of anything better to write about… Hehehe. Well, recently I’ve started watching this anime called Beelzebub. It’s a really awesome funny anime. Hehehe. Kk, I shall stop here for now. 🙂


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