Baby, can’t you see the look in my eyes?

Alright, I realised that I seriously should start blogging again. I don’t blog these days because I have nothing to blog about… and also because I don’t exactly have the mood to be blogging without ranting about my boring emotions.

Anyway… I’ve thought about it. I don’t remember if I’ve ever blogged about this before, but I used to really dislike kpop. Actually, to be exact, I don’t dislike it. I just dislike how everyone is just going crazy over kpop, and I really mean by crazy. Certain girls can hear the name of the boy group that they like, and they’d be screaming – or fangirling, as I call it – over the sound of their group name itself. I couldn’t stand that. Lol. Not that I can stand it now. Hahahaha.

However though, I’m starting to get influenced by my friends since they’re always dancing to them. Though I’m not a complete kpop fan, because I’m seriously more interested in epop and jpop, but it’s kinda hard to deny that some of the kpop songs are really addicting. Hahah. In any case, I’m not exactly hating kpop, but I’m not loving it too. Okayokay, I’m starting to end up ranting already. Alright, I’m gonna end my post here. 🙂

The pain you’ve caused has left me dead inside, I’m gonna make sure you regret that night. I feel you close, I feel you breathe and now it’s like you’re here, you’re haunting me. You’re out of line, you’re out of sight, and you’re the reason that we started this fight.


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