Don’t know what’s wrong with me. -_- I went to nap at twelve plus, and idk what happened to my phone’s alarm, and I ended up sleeping till five o’clock before waking up. Something’s really wrong with me. :O!! I don’t know, I just feel really tired from today. That’s the problem, I didn’t even do anything much today and yet I feel super tired. I seriously don’t get it. :/

Oh, I also don’t get what’s wrong with my hair now. -____- It’s totally screwed right now. I feel like going to bathe again just to wash my hair again. -_- Okayokay, why am I being so random right now. Lol.

So anyway, spent my day out again. Um, yeah, nothing much today. I don’t even know why I’m blogging. Hehehe.

To the girls who’re performing on 23rd! You girls are amazing! And you would totally do great in those dancesteps! Just don’t give yourselves too much stress and just let loose okay? 😀 


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