Christmas is coming too soon…..

Alright, I know I haven’t been blogging for a while. Sorry?! But I just didn’t know what to blog about. I mean, seriously, I really do have nothing to blog about. My holidays have been seriously boring. Well, unless you count staying at home, staying asleep for half the day, eating, watching television and occasional surfs of the net is called interesting to you!? To be honest, it’s boring, but I totally enjoy it. I know if I had the chance to rewind my holidays, I’ll probably have it no other way. Hahaha, because yes, I’m a very homey person and I don’t mind much staying at home. Other than the fact that I keep wanting to eat when I’m at home. Yeah, and I kinda just can’t resist food. Heh.

Anyway, my friends are going to have a performance on Friday, and there’re having hardcore practices at this place this week, which I’m just too lazy to head over because as the holiday gets nearer, my mood gets crankier too. I’ve never been a lover of the Christmas season… So, yeah, as Christmas gets nearer, I actually kinda get more anti-social, I guess. Hahaha. Weird things about myself ay?

Right….. Talking about staying at home… I actually almost slept for twelve hours last night. I seriously don’t understand how I get so tired, really. I just lie on bed, and in less than two minutes, I’m asleep already. The heck, it actually kinda freaks me out. I honestly don’t get it. But anyway, come to think of it, since I slept for almost twelve hours last night, I’m actually still awake right now. And it’s um, five plus in the morning. Lol. Don’t ask me how I stay awake, please. Thank the twelve hours of sleep that I had. Hahaha.

Going over to my grandmother’s place tomorrow for dinner. Um, yeah, cause it’s… another occasion on the lunar calendar for the Chinese which happens yearly three days before Christmas. ^_^

Oh anyway, seriously though, I need to head downtown and check out HMV to see if they have stock for TheWanted’s 2012 Calendar. I can’t get their jacket, due to my parent’s objection, I can’t get the deluxe album, because I don’t have a freaking credit card & my parents would kill me because the album isn’t cheap, the least I can do is just to get their calendar on my own. Seriously. I hope they have stock soon. I really want to get it before they return.

In any case, I’m falling asleep already… So,  I guess I’m going to sleep soon. Haha, I don’t get how I ended up writing so much yesterday in my diary. Lol. Hmm…. let’s see… yeah, I have pretty much nothing else to write about…. So… I guess… And it’s weird how I’m into classical piano concerto right now. :O 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a jolly holiday ahead of you! 😀


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