Don’t say it’s all for the better.

Alright, I realised that I hadn’t blogged for a while and I realised the amount of readers has probably dropped. Yeah, not like anyone’s been reading my blog anyway. Heh. Sorry, I just get really lazy these days. And now that Christmas’ over, the holidays season’s definitely starting to be put in a halt.

Wait a minute…. Come to think of it…. I’ve actually always disliked the Christmas season… For the simplest reason that Christmas was really close to New Year’s. Every year, when it’s the Christmas season, I’d always get depressed about how close Christmas was to New Year, and how New Year just reminds me of the reopening of school. Yep, it’s just my hatred towards going back to school. And honestly, two months vacation honestly isn’t enough for ANYBODY. Seriously.

With um, two days to the end of 2011, I have to seriously admit, 2011 has been an amazing year for me. Yeah sure, it was horrible for some people, but I actually found it really eventful! Okay, um, it’s been an amazing year if anybody could just take away those memories about those stupid teachers in my school. Yeah, that’d be much better. It felt just like yesterday that 2011 just started! But I have to say, my 2011 had been a really, really eventful year. So many things has happened and I think my brain has even got some of those memories jumbled up. Hehehe. My brain sure does have a screwed up organising system. 😛

In any case, I’m just back to blogging because I’ve been feeling a little guilty about not blogging when I have the time to. Coming to think of it, I don’t even know whether I’ll ever the time to blog next year. I hope I will, because I don’t think I can just let go of blogging.. Heh. But yeah, I may not have as much as time next year to spare for blogging, but I’ll try my best in blogging regularly…. And… Um.. I don’t know.

You see, the real problem with me is… I don’t know what I can blog about, because my thoughts are more or less always scattered all over the place. So, yeah, um, that’s why I hadn’t been blogging regularly. Well, yeah, I think I should just stop blogging now. I think I’m starting to bore people out, if there’s any, because I’m starting to bore myself out as well.

I’m seriously, seriously not looking forward to the new school year.


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