It’s officially a warzone.

Just a quick post while I jot down my emotions about school today while waiting for my bus.

So… Today was the first day back at school, and I have to admit, it was just like how I had feared it would be – absolutely stressed out about things. Although it was kinda expected… But it just feels weird… And I was honestly missing how things were last year.

Also, to be writing 2012 instead of 2011 is just plain weird. I was so used to writing 2011 that I wrote the wrong date while jotting down something into my notebook. Yeah, it was just really strange…

There was also a thing about how things were in classes and what the teachers choose to emphasise while in class. And, I’m feeling afraid for my mother-tongue language. Just to cut things short as my bus ride would end shortly.. My day was just stressful to me. Oh, and choir practice didn’t make it any better, seriously.


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