Look at the sun and see the clouds.

Hi. Happy lunar new year! 🙂 It’s the dragon yeaaaaar! And I don’t know why I’m emphasising on that. o.o Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging for many, many days. Um, I don’t think even apologising can help, since nobody actually reads my blog anyway… I think I’ll probably just end up ranting about school again.. Hehehe.

It has only been four weeks since school started and I’m already starting to feel stressed out and as if everything isn’t going right anymore. It’s crazy. Hmm, but coming to think about it, maybe it’s all because I didn’t start the year properly. Maybe it’s because I brought in emotions from last year into this year. Or maybe it’s because some people kept reminding me about how my life was before it started going upwards on this roller coaster. Well, for the record, I’m pretty sure this roller coaster cart is starting to droop a little. Maybe it’ll drop pretty much this year.

As much as what my mother said about how my zodiac sign, Ox, would be having a good year this year, I’m not sure I want to believe it. It’s not that I don’t want to believe in it, but it’s just that the way my life is now, I don’t think it’s really going to be a good year. Yes, sure, I’ve gotten into a class, that doesn’t make any difference. No, I haven’t started struggling, but I can totally see myself struggling this year. I don’t know why, but I just have such a feeling. No, I do not want to struggle this year. If I struggle this year, I’ll never make it back into this class next year. And no, I do not want to sacrifice this seat in my class.

Yes, I’m ranting. I’m sorry, but I’m just starting to feel stressed out with everything starting to bombard. It’s midterm next week, and I swear there’s just so many tests happening next year. Yeah, after blogging today, I wouldn’t have time to blog for the next week. Probably until my tests are over, which I’m not exactly sure when. :/ But come to think of it, I don’t know whether I should anticipate the arrival of March. Yes, I’ll be going overseas, and I really like the place that I’m going. It’s just I’m not excited about who I’m going with. :/

All I hope is that nothing goes any worst than whatever that’s happening now. Really. I don’t think I can take anymore. Please, don’t let things get worse.

“Come with me for a little ride, see the shadows passing by. Look at the sun and see the clouds, turn the faces in the sky. Day dreaming lightly through the rain, all’s forgiven on the summer train. Come away with me. It’s gonna be alright, just breathe. Come away with me. It’s gonna be alright, you’ll see.”Summertrain, Greyson Chance.


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