Fearing death?

As you all know, I live in a small island called Singapore. Well, if you don’t, now you do. This is a small island which doesn’t feel really small, but neither does it feel really big because we don’t take hours to get from one place to another.. However, it’s an island that is pretty hard to live in but this post isn’t exactly about living in Singapore. It’s about what had just happened this afternoon.

There was an 8.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Sumatera and Aceh, Indonesia. This earthquake sparked off tsunami warnings all over islands along the Indian Ocean. When I was on twitter a couple of minutes back, some of my Singaporean friends are tweeting about how the tsunami will hit the shores of Singapore.

My first reaction was, “um… okay… you’re all tweeting about it, you’re scared to die…” And the second thought that came into my mind was, “is it even possible that the tsunami could hit Singapore?” To be honest, I didn’t even feel anything different towards the fact that everyone’s tweeting about a tsunami hitting Singapore. In fact, the next thought that came was, “even if a tsunami did hit, Singapore will sink and everyone will still end up dying.”

However, this made me realise something. It is only at the point of fearing death that people would think about why they don’t want to die. I’m just talking about people in general because I’m one of those that aren’t thinking about why I don’t want to die. And it also just occurred to me that, “is it really true that people will only know what they’ve actually had until they’ve lost it?” It actually made me wonder. Did you ever think about this? This realisation also made me ask myself, why aren’t I thinking about what I’m going to miss out on if we really die.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about this…

I’m just gonna leave you with one question: if you’ve gotten such a warning that your country is going to be hit by tsunami and that you might die, would you think about how many things you’ve missed out on?


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