We’ve only just begun – Part II.

Yesterday, I went studying with my mates after school… Yeah. Well, I was really just looking forward to studying and not getting distracted and all that, although that isn’t really possible when you’re not studying in a library and you have a company more than… four. But yeah, I was looking forward to being productive at studying yesterday. So, after school, I went home, got my stuff and left home and met Denise. Which when we reached our train station, pretty much everyone else is late. So… Yep, we went to have our lunch first.

And in the end, when we reached where we were supposed to meet, I saw a cake sitting on the floor next to Wenhui. Haha, of course that would happen. LOL. We were all too busy on Wednesday to even have time to talk! Lol. Okay, lemme just skip certain details…. Wait, lemme just skip the whole thing.

I just wanna say thank you to these girls for making this celebration amusing. LOL. You girls are absolutely lovely. 😀 xx LOL. I SOUND LIKE I’M TALKING AS A STRANGER. HAHAHA.


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