Cause some days stay gold forever.

Greetings at four thirty in the morning! Um, yeah, you’d probably think I’m crazy to be blogging at this hour, or even be awake at this hour, but truth is, I couldn’t be happier to be awake at this hour on a Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, actually. And yes, I know I haven’t been blogging for a really long time… So… I thought maybe I should blog a little more now that exams are out of the way, FINALLY.

I know I never really did mention why I took such a long MIA period.. But, if you live in where I live in, you’d probably know that if you’re a student, the end of the month of April and the start of the month of May is always the busiest for students because it’s the time for midyears. So, yeah, I’ve been busy with studying and taking the exams…. Yeah, it’s been a crazy month of studying… But, as all things come to an end, it’s over, no matter whether we did good or not, it’s over and dwelling over it wouldn’t help with anything…

I actually feel kinda pissed that my school doesn’t get like, a long weekend to relax and cool down from the extreme madness of exams and to let us give ourselves some sort of psychological preparation for our pathetic results. Well… I do know that I’d get poor results this time round, that’s for sure… Oh, enough of the depressing topic about the papers… I’m kinda sick of talking about it. Well, especially after knowing that it’s over, and I probably won’t do well…

I was just lying on my bed, thinking about what happened today… Since today was the last day of the papers, and I spent the day after my papers with my friends, celebrating Wenhui’s birthday and doing the randomest stuff ever. Wenhui got caked, again. Denise took care of us like a mother, again. LOL. I swear I haven’t laughed this much ever since the year started. Oh wait, maybe I did… But whatever. It still felt good to laugh real good.

So as I was thinking through today.. all of the sudden I have The Wanted’s Gold Forever in my mind and I’m thinking, technically, yeah, it’s not wrong for such a song to pop into my mind, considering that when we look back a few years down, these are the years and memories that we’ll look back into, which are just amazing. Also, because of something that happened on twitter… Well okay, it’s something that I saw on twitter… It got me thinking.

I think that no matter how much pain life gives you right now, no matter how difficult life may seem like to you right now, no matter how upset and disappointed you feel right now, no matter who you are, where you are, just keep holding on to the memories that made you held on in the first place, keep holding on to your own beliefs, keep holding on to whatever inspired you to start in the first place, keep holding on to the fact that there will be people who will get hurt if you decide to just leave the world for good. Everyone is strong that way. Everyone have the power to get through each day, and when you do and the tough days are over, you can look back at the memories and tell yourself and the world that you’ve done it, you’ve made it.

We are strong like that. Don’t doubt it. Just believe.

“When people doubt, strive harder.”


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