We’re all humans, we make mistakes too.

Today was marking day for my school, where students in my school won’t have to go to school because it’s the day where teachers get their time to mark the exam papers. Well, there is pros and cons to this day.. Pros: you get a day of holiday to do something relaxing after getting all stressed for exams. Cons: once you return to school the next day, you’ll get a shock of whether you’ve done well or not for your examinations. But whatever is the case, it’s really more like the day where you’ll just head out with your friends and have fun – watch the movie that you’ve really wanted to watch since the start of examinations, chill at the ice-cream shop that you’ve really wanted to go to, express yourself through dancing with your friends. Well… As for me, I spent it the old nerdy way – sleeping till noon before waking up, and staying at home on the net all day. Yep, that was how I spent my day.

To be honest, I like how the day has been. For the past few weekends, all I did was study that I didn’t even have time to sit down in front of the computer, watching videos on YouTube, reading things that passes off as interesting on the net, chill on tumblr, thinking through things that I haven’t had time to think about it… Yeah, it’s just really nice, just like the way I planned for the day to turn out to be.

So, since I spent an entire day on the internet, yes, I’ve spent time watching videos on The Wanted, and yes, I did fangirl. But, it didn’t mean that I was screaming my heads off like a maddo. I just have different ways of fangirling. 😉 Also, I came across an interview with the boys and there was something that was answered that I was thinking about just moments ago while I was showering. (Yes, when you shower, it’s the best time to think.)

If you looked around the social networking sites again and carefully, you might’ve realised that every once in a while, somebody would post about how human beings in general shouldn’t stereotype people and judge people from what you see from the outside. At that moment, when you’re reading it, you’re probably thinking “yeah, we shouldn’t do that,” but when you really meet someone new, and you’re speaking to them for the first time ever, all you’d be doing is to judge the first impression that they give you. Maybe even as you’re reading this, and you’re thinking what I’m really like in the real world because of what I’m posting right now. And now, maybe you’re thinking, what the hell is my point of saying all that? Well, my point is, judging people, is actually part of us. It is a part of every single one of us in the world. I cannot safely say that I’ve never judged anybody in my whole life. I absolutely believe that you, while reading this, cannot confirm and swear that you’ve never judged anybody before. Well, even though this point is being put across, it doesn’t mean that this is entirely I’ve been thinking about.

My main point, after thinking it a little more, is that there’s nothing wrong with judging people. There’s nothing wrong with having thoughts about how you think about another person. There’s nothing wrong with having nasty thoughts, but there’s something wrong with speaking out your thoughts. There’s something wrong when you speak about your nasty thoughts to someone who cannot keep it confidentially and tells this thought to other people  – passing rumours/thoughts as they call it. But really, we all do that. We all have ever voiced out our nasty thoughts to people, even though we might know inside us that it’d hurt them.

If you take a moment now and think about when was the last time you got angry at someone, was it because of something that they said that ticked off something inside you and made you feel angry? Or when someone got angry with you, were they angry because of something that you said to them? Wouldn’t that could’ve been prevented if we had thought through what we wanted to say before we spoke? Wouldn’t that could’ve been prevented if we were more sensitive to how people would feel after we voice our opinions? Yes, there is nothing wrong with having opinions. However sometimes we just have to be careful with what we talk about, and how we phrase things. Sometimes people could take it the wrong way. But we’re all humans, and we make mistakes too.

I don’t know exactly what’s the purpose of me writing this post, but I guess I’m just trying to raise a little awareness that nobody would blame you if you kept a little more things to yourself.


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