If you look down on yourself, how would you know if anybody’s looking up to you?

Today, I’m going to blog about something that has always been in my mind, but I’ve never really had the time to just sit down and blog about it. I know not many people will be reading this, but it really just doesn’t discourages me from writing this post. However though, this post might be a little contrary to my previous post. If you liked my previous post and you’re easily offended, please just ignore this post, and if you like my blog posts, you can always wait for my next post.

As I was blogging about yesterday, I went to school today and got back some of my results today. Even though I did pretty good for one paper, I failed two others. After school as I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus ride home, I was scrolling through Twitter on my phone, and I see so many tweets about how disappointing their results are. I just want everyone to know first, my results may be a little better, but it doesn’t mean that I’m feeling any better than you. I feel disappointed at myself as well.

So, as I was reading through my timeline, I realised how everyone was ranting about how disappointed about their results they were, how pissed they were at themselves and how they were angry at themselves. There were even tweets like “so much if we studied so hard? We still failed in the end!” Yeah, there were tweets like that. And yes, I feel like this too. But what I really learnt through this… is much more than how I feel.To everyone who are feeling disappointed at your results right now, I want to tell all of you something. Just because you failed this papers doesn’t mean that you’ve failed as a person. Just because you failed this papers doesn’t mean that you’re failure. It just means that you’re a student that is working hard, but you’re not working hard enough to get the results that you really deserve. I know it feels extremely demoralising, but it’s really just part of the process! Don’t give up in yourself! If you give up on yourself and stop studying, then how are you going to improve yourself anymore? How are you going to prove everyone else wrong?!


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