Changes are happening at all times. It is not something that we can control. We cannot even control whether we, ourselves have changed. It happens so quickly that you don’t even realise it until somebody points it out. It happens so silently that you don’t even realise when people around you start changing as well. Even though you think that you haven’t changed a bit, you have. You just don’t realise it. When other people change, you adapt to it and change together. When situations requires new perspective, you adapt and change perspectives. We’re constantly changing because of what the world demands of us. We’re constantly changing because the world requires us to. Can you imagine if everyday you just went out of home wearing the same clothes because you do not know what is change? Can you imagine if your life was just a habit? Wouldn’t that just be really sad?

Since we cannot control over the fact that we’ll be constantly changing, whether on the inside or the outside, the only thing we can control is how we change. There’s always two kinds of changes – changes for the worst and changes for the better. To be honest, looking back, I think I changed for the better. If I were to have the same exact mindset and attitude that I had back in primary school after I graduated and started secondary school, I probably wouldn’t have any friends at all. Even though yes, I still do keep the face that scares people away, but it’s more like a mask now. There is just a different significance in it now. And to be honest, I don’t even know what happened during the 2009 year-end holidays that made me let go. I really just can’t remember at all.

However though, as much as yes, I’ve changed for the better… There are many people out there that are changing for the worse. They’re changing to become people who the public do not respect because of the way they present themselves. They’re changing to become the bitches and bastards that nobody likes. They’re changing to become the smug people that nobody likes. There are a lot of such changes going on. But what can we do? We can’t do anything. We have no control over that, neither will we ever have control.

I guess, the only way out of this is just, feigning ignorance and letting go. There’s no point holding on to something that you can never have control over.


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