Tonight has been a pretty long night, after everything that has happened from my cousin’s competition till a crazy half an hour stuck on the road from a flat tyre, something got me thinking again. Yes, I do get my inspirations for blog topics pretty randomly. I can’t help it. It’s at this kind of situation that I would realise something vast and worth blogging about.

Today, I’d like to blog about Singaporean’s “graciousness”. All these are really based on my opinions and what I think, maybe none of it is based on actual facts but really, I think it’s just something that the Singapore community should really think about. Today, while I was ‘stuck’ at the roadside from a flat tyre, I realised something that hit me so darn hard in the face. Firstly, nobody stopped to ask if we needed help. Secondly, my mother was sharing a story about back when she was pregnant with me, when her car’s types went flat too, she parked at the side of the road, and waited outside her car for help to come. It was really sad that people who passed by could see that she’s pregnant and she’s having issues with her car and yet nobody, nobody stopped and asked if she needed any assistance. Well yeah, until a foreigner came by and stopped to ask if my mother had anything she needed help with.

So the hearing of this incident, and the confirmation of what happened today, I’m pretty sure I can blog about this. In a “fine” city like Singapore, Singaporeans themselves do not stop to offer assistance to people who most likely needed help. Yet, in a city of such citizens, foreigners who works here would offer assistance when they see one. Honestly, what does this really say about the graciousness of our community?

And if you didn’t realise it, the most important thing about the incident was, my mother was pregnant! Yet nobody stopped and helped. I don’t think it’s that bad if it’s just simply an ordinary woman who has two flat tyres along the road and you don’t stop for her. However, we’re talking about a pregnant lady here. What if she falls ill or faints because she needed to look for help from the road?

If you’re a student here, you might come across this competition that has something to do with making your school community a gracious environment or something like that. If you liked the graciousness campaigns, I suggest you should bang your head against the wall. Why do I say so? Right, because the graciousness campaigns really do not tell you how important it is to be gracious, the campaigns does not tell you that if you see anybody, anybody at all, even strangers, needing help, go ahead and ask if they need any assistance. No, graciousness campaigns does not do that.

Plus, if you’re a student, by the time there are these graciousness campaigns, you would’ve already seen all the terrible, inconsiderate things that Singaporeans have done on the road, on the train, on the bus. To be honest, I would only be surprised if you haven’t seen any of it in your life. It’s impossible. I’ve seen a couple, not a lot.

However, no matter what, back to what I was trying to say is that… Singaporeans ought to be more friendly to people. They need to stop rushing around and just sit back to relax. I think what really needs to be changed is how they think. I believe most people have this mindset of “what does it have to do with me?” and probably this flashes by their minds whenever they come across someone that needs help.

It will not kill you to start being gracious and friendly today.


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