The start of heat waves.

Why, hello! I’ve been wanting to blog all week, but I was really just too lazy to turn on the laptop… Plus, whenever I actually do turn on the laptop, my inspiration of blogging normally flies away…. And yes, I would blog from my phone… But blogging from my phone is seriously a different thing altogether… Hence… A blog post every weekend…? Hahaha.

To be very honest to you, if there’s any readers at all, I haven’t thought of anything that had actually made me wanna blog about it… So this morning’s post is just gonna be… Um… Really random and boring, I suppose. πŸ˜› By the way, it’s almost 4:30am here… So yeah, pardon my randomness…

However though, let me just let you know, I’m blogging from the perspective of Friday… Not Saturday. Yeah, it’s kinda change that until I see the sun from my window. πŸ˜› So, yeah… Hope you won’t get confused when you read my post! πŸ™‚

In fact, I think it’s actually really really dark now… I can’t tell for sure, because I have my curtains drawn… Heehee!

So basically, today’s the last day of school for most people here in Singapore! And if you’re wondering if it’s Summer Break… Well, yeah, I suppose you can call it summer break, but really, while other countries probably have two/three months of summer break, all we have is just four weeks. Not forgetting the homework and the activities that we have to return to school for. Yeah, things doesn’t exactly work the same way here in Tropical Singapore. It’s really sad though. D;

Right, I really shouldn’t start ranting about the weather here…. But anyway, um, yeah, it’s been really hot and stuffy here for the past week… Well, yeah, you’ll know for sure because the Singaporeans tweeps would be tweeting and complaining about how hot it is outside. And to be honest, I cannot help but to agree more. Although I think it might actually be hotter in certain countries during summer.

So back to my day.. I actually had a half day today.. Well, yeah, because of certain reasons. But anyway, yeah, I had a half day at school today, although some schools had their last day of school yesterday.. So… Anyway… Assembly, as of all assemblies, was extremely boring. I actually needed to try and keep myself from reading my storybook because it was too boring. And to be honest, I can’t even remember about what today’s assembly was about anymore. Ha!

Well back in class, I think half of my classroom was empty because my classmates had to leave for several reasons, oh, and some probably didn’t even bother to come to school because it’s the last day of school. Lol. Okay. Anyway..

So.. Nothing much happened in school, I suppose. Other than looking at my report card for this this semester.. which is extremely crazy… No, nothing much happened. And just for your info, it was really crazy because it’s just extremely mad and horrendous. LOL. I was surprised at the class/level positions and really gutted for some people’s.

After I got home though, all I did was sleep until evening… I got up, got out, and when I got back, I bathed and continued sleeping. LOL. Yeah, so basically that was how I spent my day.. Uh, yeah, day. And to be really honest with you, I went to sleep at about ten plus, and I woke up at 3. So, yeah, 5 hours of sleep already, and yet I’m still feeling sleepy. LOL.

On one really random note, I’m actually using another laptop to blog this post. LOL, I don’t know why I’m telling you about this. LOL. But yeah, I love this laptop, but what can I say, it’s just slower than the one that I prefer. πŸ˜›

But anyway, yeah, that’s all for my post today.. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write about post tomorrow. LOL. But yeah, anyway… I’m heading off to do something else now. Blog soon!


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