Perseverance, Resilience, Determination, Persistence.

From where I come from, there’s this thing in school called Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). It’s a after/before school program where all students are supposedly involved. You must be thinking, what kind of activities are we talking about? I’m talking about activities like Band, Choir, Soccer, Martial Arts and stuff like that. It’s something that should be offered in every school here in Singapore. However, I’m not sure if it’s a must for a student to have a CCA.

I believe you must be wondering, why in the world am I talking about how part of the school system works here. To be very honest, it’s just an introduction that might not even be relevant to what I’m gonna blog about. Heh.

A few hours back, I had my junior (which is what we call people when they’re related to us through some activities in school and are in younger than us.) indirectly telling me that he wants to quit the CCA that we’re in by asking me a question that seemed almost amusing to me.

The thought of losing a male member from the CCA makes me extremely sad. (Just so you know, I’m in Choir, where majority of the members in my Choir are girls.) And the fact that this boy has made me remember about myself back when I was in primary school.

I was in a CCA named Chinese Orchestra (CO). I really didn’t liked it in one of the years because of some reasons that I can’t exactly remember. And I was considering quitting the cca. It was really just something that I didn’t think through back then, since I was still young.

But now that I look back at those days after being reminded by my junior of myself, I’m glad that I was too young to be able to think through and make the decision because right now, I don’t regret graduating from primary school as a fellow member of Chinese Orchestra. In fact, I was proud to be able to say that I was a member of CO.

Right, I think I’m going too far off topic… Coming back to what I was saying, what my junior did, other than indirectly telling me that he wants to quit was to make me think. Think about something that every single person should live by.

Perseverance. Resilience. Determination. Persistence.

These are qualities that everyone should live by and cooperate in their day to day lives.

These are very important qualities that would ultimately get you to where you want to go to. These qualities and a positive attitude towards things – the two things that would get you far. There may be more, but these two things are probably the more important ones.

A lot of people in school, I noticed, always lacked these qualities and the positivity that they should possess. And for some reason, it just really pisses me off.

Everything in life has to first do with your attitude towards things and your self-esteem. I realised that a lot of people my age have minimal self-esteem level.

Why? I don’t know.

I can prove it though, that a lot of people do not have a good healthy amount of self-esteem.

Say, take my post about being out and alone as an example. I blogged about how it was all about being out and alone and being awkward is all because of how conscious a person is? I strongly believe that this also has something to do with your self-esteem. Sometimes it’s so hard to think that you’re the best in the world. It’s so hard because we all know that there’ll always be someone better than you. And because it’s so hard to be done, your self-esteem gets pushed down… I don’t exactly know why I’m suddenly talking about self esteem..


Anyhoo, I’d like everyone reading this to know that no matter who you are, what you are, what you do, just believe that you can do it. Tell yourself that you can do better. Never say that you’re bad because you’re labelling yourself as bad. And once you do that, you’ll never be able to surpass your own barriers.

Stand tall, stand strong. And nobody can pull you down.


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