And so I stumbled upon a blog post that wrote about how having braces on for the first time felt. On usual days, I really won’t exactly feel complied to blog about this, but considering that a lot of people are getting braces right now and how they react towards it actually gets me.

I didn’t exactly blog about this before, but I’ve actually had my braces on for 4 years since primary school days. Yep, that was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back… Haha. Of course, some people did ask me whether it hurt to put on braces. I don’t exactly remember what I said back then, neither do I remember how it felt back then, but I don’t exactly have any recollections of pain that lasted for months.

That being said though, I do remember the first few days that I had my braces on, I didn’t know what I could eat because eating rice and noodles is a bother. I think I stuck more or less to eating porridge.. :/ Pardon my memory.. It’s been five years since I first put on my braces..

Back to what I was blogging about – how people reacted to the metals on their mouth when they first got it. I’m pretty sure everyone would be moaning in pain, more or less. I don’t remember I moaned a lot, but I’m pretty sure I had a hard time eating food on the first couple of days… Though there’s a recollection of me waking up and the sores in my mouth was feeling much better.

The reaction of pain for the first few days is probably there for everyone. However though, I’ve heard from friends saying that it hurts badly and if I didn’t remember wrongly, some of these friends even said that it still hurts after a week has passed. I don’t know if it was just my dentist being extremely good in what he does, but having braces and hurting for a week doesn’t exactly fit the story that everyone remembers. I think my sores were probably gone by the week.

I think the most importantly, when you first get your braces, do not think of eating the normal things that you eat everyday. For example, don’t go eating fried chicken on the first day you have your braces. In fact, until you’ve changed your wire to the hard ones that pokes really painfully if your doctor doesn’t do a good job, do not eat fried chicken.

Bottom line is, on the first month of your new braces, do not try to eat hard things like fried chicken, pork chops and stuff like that. Also, you didn’t hear this from me, but until your doctor changes your wire, do not eat chewing gum.

I’m sorry this post has gotten boring real fast… I’ll think of something better to blog about next time.


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