Hi! Yes! I know I haven’t blogged for a really long time!!! Not quite sure that there were actually people reading my blog posts…. But today I bring about a sad news for my readers, if there’s any.

No, I’m not closing this blog down. I can’t bare to. I just want to say that, I’ll be taking a semi-hiatus from blogging. Hmm yeah, I feel the need to blog about this because I feel guilty for not blogging, even though I’m pretty sure that there aren’t much readers.

Nevertheless, I’ll still try my best to blog whenever I can. However though, I cannot make any promises because I’ve been reaaaally busy with school and studying these days, I rarely even have time for myself. I haven’t even gotten the time to do things that I want, like relax and watch tv… other than the rare exception of The Mentalist that plays on WarnerTV every Tuesday night..

I’m having the endyear examinations this october, which is about 3 months away. And I swear, it scares the heck out of me. Although I haven’t exactly been putting a lot of effort into a lot of things that I’m doing, I’m trying to change that. In fact, the very first thing that I really need to change is that I have to stop thinking of spending money on something useless.

Okay, I’m getting out of point. =\ before I go on this MIA, I’d just like to say, thank you all, for reading my blog posts. 🙂 & before I leave, just one last picture that I took this morning. ^_^



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