Misconceptions of teachers.

Just a small rant that has been in my head for a while now.

While having Mother Tongue Language (MTL) lessons earlier today, of course, we got lectured again by our teacher – about the small matter of not doing something called Voicethread that was said to help us in increasing the number of practices for our oral examinations. However, my class was so quiet that it made it seem like we’re all guilty as charged.

No, I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of not doing that practice. Yes, I did not do that “assignment”, which isn’t really an assignment, but no, I do not agree with what my teacher used as points when she lectured us.

Firstly, she said that starting this program was completely because students had ever feedbacked to school that they’d like to be able to study beyond the books – study through technology.

Then, she stereotyped every student in the class as people who have nothing else better to do after school, and all they do is just turn on their computers and play on it.

Well, in the first place, unless those students that have made such feedback to teachers are people who are not in Upper Secondary or they are the kind of students that don’t give a shit about their studies, many people in the upper secondary do not have any time at all to touch their computers anymore.

Take me for example. We all know that when every teacher gives a certain amount of homework, we pretty much do not have any time at all to even have time for ourselves, moreover to have the time to even turn on the computer.

However, I see where the teachers are coming from through this. They’re trying to make studying more interactive and independent, but in a wrong way. I’m not saying that this method of “teaching” would not work, I just want to say that it’s a very subjective thing. Say for example, it’s a Wednesday today, and you have an important test tomorrow, of course you’d choose to study for the test because it’s just ridiculous to spend time on something that’s only for practice when you could be reading and remembering some important concepts.

All I’m trying to say is that all teachers, regardless of teachers teaching MTL, English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, should try to understand that us, students do not have all the time in the world to complete every single assignment that every teacher gives us.

Teachers always use this point to lecture us, that we always complain about how we do not have enough time, and how they themselves aren’t free as well. However, they only know what they believe is true in their students – that they do not do any homework and just sit at home and watch television or play on the computer. Which is not true at all. Well, that is unless those teenagers have completely given up on their studies already.

Teachers need to correct this misconception.


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