Do you have what it takes?

It’s been three years since secondary school started for me… and I suppose, that would mean that it’s about… two years that my family doesn’t have a domestic maid. It’s been an interesting two years, because there is way lot more freedom when you’re in a house with only your family and not have an outsider (domestic maid) around. However so, it is also a little frustrating because then, we’d have to do everything on our own. And I honestly meant everything.

Without a domestic maid, you do not have somebody to help you do the chores in the house, you do not have somebody to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner for you, you do not have someone to help you wash the clothes, you do not have someone cleaning up the house for you (eg. organising things). Without a domestic maid, you have to take time off your work/personal life and pick up the vacuum cleaner/mop/broom to start cleaning up your own house; you have to take a pot and start cooking food for yourself; you have to remember to put your clothes in the washing machine to wash, and remember to put them out so that it’d dry (no, we don’t have a dryer.); you have to remember that there’s no one who’d organise the things for you and put the things well, and also remember to empty the rubbish bin.

There’s a lot of things that you have to take responsibility of when you don’t have a domestic maid. But it’s interesting, because as I get used to doing these chores as a shared responsibility with my mother, it actually feels good to be doing something to make sure that my house is actually clean enough for living. (I wouldn’t say that it’s really clean. But it’s good enough for my standards.)

But, there is something else that came along with not having a domestic maid. It’s that the house would more or less be empty, and I usually get the house to myself. No, it’s not lonely, if that what you’re thinking. I actually genuinely enjoy the time that I have to myself in the day. And because of this, it opens a lot more new experiences.

Over the past two years, I’ve spent enough time alone in this house to realise that, it actually takes a person who has a lot of discipline to live decently alone. We’ve all seen what happens when some people are alone in their house for a couple of days, and when their parents get back, the house looked like it had been hit by a hurricane or something. However, for a person’s house to not be like that, it really takes that particular people to not be lazy and start doing the chores in the house.

Even though my mom nags all the time for me to clean up the house, I often disregard it. I did that last weekend, because I was really lazy, and I couldn’t be bothered by it. (I’m probably one of the laziest person in the world.) And I had to pay the price, because by the time they returned home, the floor was really dirty. It was so dirty that I couldn’t even live with it. Well, in some sense, I lived through the week with that extremely dusty floor. (Could you imagine, my feet was black by the time night came.) This weekend, they aren’t around again. And of course, the entirely responsibility of doing the chores is dumped onto my shoulders. I specially woke up earlier this morning just to vacuum the floor. I just couldn’t stand it.

Then it hit me.

If I was honestly a really lazy person (which I still am, a little.), and a really thick-skinned person, I would have abandoned the thought of doing any chores at all, much less abandoning sleep. And that if I didn’t have that discipline to really take time to vacuum the floor, to boil some water, to collect the clothes that are drying from outside, I would have to live in a bloody dirty house for another week and get scolded when my parents get back.

And through all these, I’ve come to a conclusion. Living alone in a house requires a lot, a lot of self-discipline.

It’s the same with studying, if you actually think about it. Because studying is a very personal responsibility, if you do not have that self-discipline, you wouldn’t even bother taking the book out to get your homework done. It all boils down to self discipline.

Which reminds me. I have not mopped the floor yet. 😛

So, do you have enough self-discipline to live alone?


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