It’s almost the end of October, and you know what that means! Well, Halloween is definitely one of them! However in Singapore, where we don’t really celebrate Halloween, the only other thing that comes together with the end of October is the end of year holidays! We have about a 6 to 8 weeks holidays in schools for students. It’s normally called the December holidays, but I guess it could also be called year break. Frankly, it’s the break where students have up to the next year. When the next year starts, you start a brand new fresh year with a new ‘grade’, so to speak.

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot, but I vaguely do remember that I’ve blogged about how I’d be busy with revising for my end of year examinations and I wouldn’t be blogging much. To be very honest, I haven’t even used the computer much, especially after the Summer Olympics but that was months ago. Sure, I did use my laptop some times, here and there but I never really had time to blog about what’s been going on and all. Well, that and also the fact that my life as a student in Singapore is pretty boring. I don’t know how some local bloggers even started blogging about their lives while they were in secondary school, much less get so many readers to read about their lives. Honestly, to me and many Singaporeans out there, we lead some very, very boring lives.

In Singapore, there are barely even anything to do when you have time to kill. Every single mall in Singapore has pretty much the same things, there’s nothing fresh there. A long weekend just passed with Friday being Hari Raya Haji, and my mom and I have been thinking about where to go to shop. Well, we’ve been going shopping on weekends ever since my exams ended. Hahaha. However, every time we think about where and what malls we could go that would interest us, we’d end up going back to Orchard Road, the famous place among every tourist.

I got a little off topic. :/

I actually wanted to talk about something that every student should have already experienced and are either on their holidays or still getting back their results. The End Of Year Examinations. I have to say, for people at my age, this year has been a really stressful year, because we’ve been pushed into a completely new environment called the upper secondary, and along with this new environment comes with new teachers, new classmates, new subjects, new assignments, new expectations…. and many more. I’m very proud to say for many people out there that, we’re finally reaching the end of secondary 3. Although it may sound like a good thing, we do have to bare in mind that O Levels are just next year. :/ I swear, it’s a pain in the ass. (Because of O Lvls, I do not get my 8 weeks holidays. I do not get a relaxing end of year holidays. :/ It kinda sucks.) 

The week before had been a very painful week for a lot of us. We’re done with our exams, and what really hurts is that the effort that we’ve put into our revision and examinations doesn’t show the results that we ought to get. I understand that feeling, because I’ve been through it. I have to admit, I’ve done quite well this end of year examinations, and the words that comes after this may strike to you as annoying because I’m in no place to say anything with my ‘exceptionally good’ results. However, I need you to think this through: Do you think I would have gotten these results if I have never failed? 

A lot of people have the misconception that people who do well in exams are born smart but really, is there even such thing as born smart? Yes, there are people who are born geniuses and prodigy. However, how often is it that you get to know these people?

I never believe that anybody is born stupid. I do not believe it now, neither would I believe it in the future. So what if you failed this time round? Are you telling me that if you fell down, you will not try to get up and continue moving on? Are you going to mourn there on the floor at your own falling? Are you going to stop studying and keep telling yourself that you’re a failure? No! Because you have to pick yourself up and continue moving on. Even when times get hard, it isn’t the time for you to give up and think that you can’t do it. You can! It’s just a matter of how much effort you want to put in to get what you want, to get what you desire.

I’ve never done well in my exams since Primary School. I never really bothered to put in more effort to study for anything back then. I had always been the one who was always on the computer playing games. When I entered Primary 6, the last year of my Primary School life, I realised that I need to stop playing and start studying for my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). I studied, although not enough, and got a decent score and got into the Secondary School that I’m currently in, which isn’t exactly a good school. And I have to say, my Primary School was actually one of the better schools here. To be very honest, I regretted not studying harder back then. But I can’t do anything now. Life just goes on.

When I entered Secondary School, I studied, maybe about the same as I did when I was in P6. It definitely wasn’t enough. For the past two years, I’ve been getting grades that are very average, maybe a little better for Science but I was always pretty good at Science, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. Last year, I started working even harder, because of the deal that I made with my father for my midyears. I achieved what was agreed, and managed to get an iPod touch. By the end of last year, during streaming, I got into the stream that I wanted – the triple science stream. It’s not an easy stream, because with three sciences, there is really a lot to study for.

During this year’s midyears, I failed two papers, which I wasn’t surprised. I worked really hard through my semester break and into my second semester. I don’t think I’ve even stopped studying. Well, at lease I started doing my own homework, started asking questions about things that I do not understand. It’s the only reason I could think of now that has brought me to my current results.

I strongly believe that every single person out there who are feeling bad about their results can excel in their studies. I don’t think there’s actually anything easier than studying. Just because you failed this time, doesn’t mean that you’ll keep failing. There are times that I really ask myself, “Why the hell are you studying so much? Why make your life so miserable?” I feel like abandoning the thought of studying, but I didn’t, because I know that if I gave up now, my television and laptop has won the fight and brought me to the dark side. I believe that you can do it too. You have to believe that you can do it. The moment your faith falters, all else would fall together.

Do not doubt yourself. As long as you want it bad enough, you will get it.

Ending off this post,

“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.” – Michael Phelps. 


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